Alexandra Pina Kingman is an award-winning animator and filmmaker. Originally from Vancouver Canada, she is now based in Bergen, Norway. With a Masters Degree in Biomedical Communication from the University of Toronto and several years of professional experience, she is very familiar with all aspects of media production and the design process, from conceptualisation to completion of final product for web, broadcast television and print. Her work regularly focuses on telling scientific and medical stories so that the information is accessible to any audience; however, these visual communication techniques can be applied to many different fields. Pina is also working to disseminate important science research to the public through art exhibitions, talks and film screenings. Through art, film, and animation, Pina hopes to help make science-education a little less daunting and a bit more fun. Contact her about your next project or for any freelance or work opportunities.

Media Production

Content Development

Science Outreach